Inclusion is Everybody’s Business

Transform diversity into a resource, and build a winning culture about, through, and for inclusion


Why diversity and inclusion should be top priorities in your organization 

Research shows that inclusive education has a positive effect on all students -not only those with special needs

Education is a fundamental tool in the fight against gender inequality and discrimination

Companies with higher-than-average diversity have higher innovation revenues

Companies with more women in leadership positions consistently outperform companies with less than half of them

Global Goals

Training & Tools for Change

Today organizations, leaders, and team members need to work together to develop cohesive communities able to thrive in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. In order to respond to your needs, we use advanced, scientific-based methods and tools tailored to your organization to help you develop a culture of inclusion…


H.J. (he/him), Human rights lawyer from Cameroon, defender of the human rights for immigrants in Morocco. Leader of the Sub-Saharan Coalition

“I really liked the training. In particular, the exercise focusing on mapping discriminations was insightful in many respects. It allowed us (NGOs) to experiment with, and think critically about, the relevance of gender and diversity in our work on human rights. It added a new lens to our work, allowing to see discriminations in a more comprehensive way, and to further enrich the ways we will approach them in our future work”

L.G. (She/her), Undergraduate student from South Africa, Lund University

“I feel I have never been so motivated about something in my academic life. The course has opened by eyes in so many ways and from the very beginning I have noticed a shift in my perception when looking at the social world outside the classroom. I could not be more thankful for this.”

A.L. (She/her), Graduate student from Mexico, Lund University

Some exercises were emotionally challenging, but this was necessary. They were challenging, but also empowering. At the personal level they were like a wakeup call. They provoked some deep reflections concerning my own experience as a young woman from Mexico living and studying in Europe.”  

D.A. (She/Her), Undergraduate student from the USA, Lund University

“This course was different than any other I have taken in my academic career, because it took a very global, interconnected perspective on gender and intersectionality. I found it fascinating to learn about how gender and other related identities (e.g. class, ethnicity, and disabilities) are constructed in European countries, and how they are linked, despite their different locations. I am very grateful to have been exposed to this unique approach, and to have been able to practice it in our group activities and discussions.”


Our approach is proven to support safe learning environments through collaboration and teamwork – key elements in fostering innovation, creativity, and trust. Our innovative strategies, methods and tools engage learners holistically by using three key pillars…

knowledge, skills, attitudes NOIWE three pillars of education