Based on our experience working in distinct settings and cultures, we can develop context-sensitive training and tools, tailored to your needs and vision

Training packages for leaders, employers, employees, and specific groups with different competences and needs

Training packages for public actors, including professionals and teachers in schools and universities

Toolkits (analog/digital) tailor-made for your needs and vision, developed through co-participative methods

Follow-up assessment and activities

Example of a toolkit on discrimination and intersectionality developed with NGOs in Morocco, for our client Heinrich Böll Stiftung


Gain new insights and promote action on how diversity, inclusion and human rights can bring opportunities to your organization

Acquire new strategies to handle debates, conflict, and different views and transform your working culture 

Recent Clients

Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Sweden (2021-2022) 

We offered training on transformative pedagogy and human rights for educators, lawyers, and practitioners, in their international program based in Armenia 


Graduate School in Social Sciences, Lund University (2021) 

We offered a full course on migration and inclusion with graduate students, using innovative teaching activities we have created, based on transformative pedagogy 


Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (HBS) for North Africa, Rabat, Morocco (2020)

We offered a training package for15 NGOs working on human rights in Morocco and developed a toolkit with them. Project’s title: “Democratization and Human Rights: Training modules and materials on Intersectionality in Morocco for NGOs in Morocco”


We collaborate with academic and non-academic partners with valuable insights on specific cultures and contexts.

Beyond this, we can help you in the process of identifying future challenges in an increasingly demanding and interconnected world, and to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes your organization needs to adapt to a changing environment.